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The BreathX test tells you when body chemistry is out of balance

The BreathX test for Oxidative Stress


We send you a BreathX kit with an ultra-clean breath collection balloon (BreathBag™). You inflate the balloon with your breath, then send it back to us in the mailing box. That’s it ! No blood, no needles, no pain.

We analyze your breath, and send you a report of alkanes in your breath that reveal oxidative stress.

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How to Read Your BreathX Report for Oxidative Stress


BreathX analyzes your breath with gas chromatography and then reports a spectrum of n-alkanes in the breath, ranging from hexane (C6) to docosane (C22).These compounds are products of oxidative stress that increase when the balance of oxidants - known as free radicals - overcomes the effects of antioxidants. 
The free radicals oxidize polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes to produce n-alkanes that are exhaled in the breath.


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BreathX: Beyond Oxidative Stress

Breath contains metabolic signals of disease, such as nitric oxide in asthma. Researchers are exploring breath biomarkers in other diseases, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and infections.

That's why we developed the BreathX breath test for oxidative stress. There are other breath tests using the BreathX platoform that are not yet available for human use in the USA, but they are coming soon in Europe. Please sign up for our mailing list if you don't want to miss these exciting developments.


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